Last Friday I learned about the minecraft “Spigot”/“Bukkit” server implementation. It allows you to insert a plugin with which you can do in-game modifications.

Here’s for example one frame of the game-of-life:

and here’s something that is a clock:

(the 3 bright blocks indicate hour, minute, seconds)

Much fun!

See https://vanheusden.com/games/minecraft/


Een MIDI sequencer in minecraft:

Deze is dan gekoppeld aan een midi-synth buiten minecraft. Bijv. je yamaha of fluidsynth.

I am running a minecraft server on my raspberry pi! It’s nice to see how many things can be done!

I’ve added a preview on youtube: MIDI sequencer in Minecraft - YouTube

My public minecraft server can be reached on the following hostname: minecraft.vanheusden.com regular port (25565 if I remember correctly).

Status page: minecraft.vanheusden.com

Map: http://minecraft.vanheusden.com:8124/

I’ve created a new thing:

This thing shows the location of the players in my minecraft-server.
The dots visualize the position of each player versus a reference player (called “McAutoBot123” (a bot indeed)). Their color indicate how fast they’re moving.

This thing is build-up of a HUB-75 64x32 pixel display (64x32 RGB LED Matrix Paneel - 4mm pitch), an ESP32 and 2,5A powersupply (should be enough for 30+ players) and a letterbox (Deco LED lichtbak/lightbox - zwart - A4 formaat - 84 letters | bol.com). In the ESP there’s a program which receives pixelflood packets via udp over wifi. On the (minecraft-)server side there’s a python script which renders frames and sends those to the box.

@Folkert cute project! I like that idea!

I’m not satisfied with how the letterbox itself looks. With the strips on it, you could barely see a few of the leds. But without them it looks rather, well, as if a car ran over it.

Code and such can be found at vanheusden.com

It also announces new users:

Today I created something that converts “wavefront 3d” to povray. This enables me to render minecraft scenes with povray. A preliminary result:


with textures:

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